Performance Running

LTP produces premium performance running kits to optimally prepare runners for every type of run and in every weather condition. As a lead innovator in high-performance running apparel, we cater to the brands that target athletes who are in search of that next-level kit for optimizing and enhancing their athletic ability.

No matter the type of running, from road or trail running to sprint or marathon events, LTP specializes in kits technically optimized for each specific occasion.  We work with smart textiles which can repel water, prevent bacteria penetration & growth, wick moisture, regulate body temperature and dynamically stretch for that perfect fit – all without compromising on strength or weight.

Full running kits include singlets & tops (long and short-sleeved), performance tights & pants, lightweight shorts, wind & rain protection such as ultra-light weight jackets and vests for all weather conditions, insulated garments, sports bras and much more.  

With an expert garment development team that has over three decades of experience, we excel in construction, materials, cuts and sewing technologies required for the production of high-performance running gear. We seamlessly co-create with brands to marry the latest trends with cutting-edge construction to produce running kits that fit well, look great and perform at the highest level.

Road & Training

Highly precise garment manufacturing, that’s where we shine. Our expert apparel teams will seamlessly co-create with your brand to harmoniously bring together designs, technologies, and construction for all matter of running apparel. Whether your collections are designed to help athletes in an all-out sprint or last the distance, to endure the cold and rain or for artful layering you can be sure your garments will be Consciously Crafted and high-performance quality.


From jackets and gilets to functional tights and durable shorts to protective tops and secure bras, LTP Garment will seamlessly co-create with you for trail running collections that fuel performance and consider the varieties of terrain that trail runners yearn for. We work with durable ultra-light weight materials that withstand the tugs from nearby brush and moderate body temperature in and out of different climate zones.

Extreme Weather

From blustery raining cold mornings in the Nordics or hot arid days in the Mediterranean, to cool damp trails in the Pacific Northwest or humid thick distances in Asia Pacific and everywhere in between LTP is uniquely setup with the latest innovations in materials and construction technologies to manufacture your collections that go with runners anywhere. Wind and waterproofing without giving up ultra-light weight and breathability, insulation that temperature regulates and doesn’t add bulk, light skimming fabrics that wick moisture and fight bacteria penetration—we source only the most premium technologies that will take your designs to the next-level.

Max Vallot
Co-founder, District Vision
“LTP has proven to be an invaluable partner for us in developing our mindful athlete toolkit. Their expertise, attention to detail and overall attitude is simply an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Ausra Karaliute

Group Key Account Manager

LTP is part of an industry where design and look, function and technical solutions are all being mixed together. I am constantly learning and growing from our customers, partners and my colleges every day - and then coming up with creative ideas to improve or make something new.

This is challenging, demanding and requires a great deal of creativity and innovation. And I love it!