Organic Apparel & Lifestyle

At LTP Garment we specialize in creating all-day active apparel that fuses elements of activewear and fashion for extreme close-to-skin comfort. Organic Apparel & Lifestyle is our discipline for crafting gym-to-street wear in which fabrication is key—manufacturing life-wear designed to be worn 24/7. As the proud global manufacturing partner to some of the most respected and innovative sustainable fashion brands in the industry, we cater to brands that strive to put sustainability at the top of the priority list—developing new ways to bring sustainable apparel and sustainable garment manufacturing to the consumer.

Let our actions be the deciding factor. We manufacture with expansive ranges of the coziest premium organic fabrics, strictly adhere to ethical manufacturing codes, and account for the environmental effects of every step of our production—with constant actions being taken to reduce impacts and better lives wherever possible. LTP is dedicated to Consciously Crafting every item we produce—meaning we are pioneering to set a new standard of garment manufacturing.

LTP Garment is Bluesign®, INV/GOTS, and Green Energy certified, Amfori BSCI, and Higg Index, and Reach compliant, and independently audited by Fair Wear.

Organic Apparel

Bringing together the best of nature and innovation, LTP strictly adheres to the requirements of GOTs fabrics, accessories, and manufacturing. We also produce with natural dyes and prints. Whatever your collection requires, we’ll ensure standards are met, so your brand can stand firmly in your choice to manufacture sustainably.

Soft Sport

When clothes are designed and manufactured with intent, fit and movement naturally come together for a premium experience. Our Soft Sport garments stand out for their fluidness and remarkable comfort for all day wear, lounging and light activity.


In the 2010s function and fashion came together to define a new standard for what consumers expect from their clothes. Lifestyle is our dedication to keeping on top of the latest trends in the market while respecting our traditions of remarkable craftmanship in every piece.

Christina Muljadi
Sourcing Manager, Filippa K
“With LTP we can be certain, that only state-of-the-art technologies are being used. It is very reassuring to know, that our manufacturing partner can meet our demands and standards within technical capabilities, in order for us to create high quality products”

Vilma Kersiene

Group Key Account Manager, Sustainable Fashion & Athleisure

"I have worked at LTP since 2005. I am tired? – No! Because LTP is special….all customers, suppliers, subcontractors feel that we have something different from other companies. We are a community with deep atmosphere, we are fighting, but we are also celebrating. To be sustainable – myself, I pick up trash in nature, do not buy plastic etc. To work in a sustainable department helps to find additional life values on how to do better".