Urban Performance

Real innovation is about disruptive thinking and blazing new trails. At LTP, we are proud to partner with pioneering brands fusing science, function and fashion in never-before-seen ways. As a proud global garment manufacturer for the next generation of online first market leaders, we are always considering how changes in today’s lifestyle and environment will determine the needs, wants and possibilities of the future. Our aim is to deliver premium garments, co-creating with you tomorrow’s garments today.

No matter the direction you want to take your collection, from experimental silhouettes to cutting edge fabrics to digging in for that next-level of sustainability, LTP has deep expertise taking on the bold. Challenge is in our DNA, and you can trust us to craft your collection with the impeccable precision and utmost quality.

From performance materials to innovative manufacturing technologies, our team of expert developers and solutions specialists are always in pursuit of the next big thing to revolutionize the industry. With decades of experience driving our craft, we excel in materials, construction and optimizing every detail of your garments.

Technical Day-to-Day Apparel

Where versatility and functionality come together with aesthetic appeal to create adaptable low maintenance apparel. Whether your technical day-to-day collection will take appoint of departure in resistant and durable, multi-way stretch, or extreme comfort LTP will partner with you to craft experimental silhouettes from cutting edge fabrics and with the latest technologies.


Whether you apparel is designed for adventuring in the fjords of Scandinavia, the deserts of the Americas or anywhere in between, adventuring brings surprises and LTP Garment is here to help you meet those with optimally performing, highly technical, versatile apparel. Our expertise in design, materials and construction are what enable us to manufacture truly premium yet sustainable clothing. From regulating body temperature, to protecting from the elements, to actionable testing for the perfect placement of functional details and trims, LTP will bey our co-creation partner for premium adventure apparel.

Scientific Performance

We live on the cutting edge of apparel disruption and technology. Our passion is to partner with brands to co-create innovative, trail blazing clothing that bring new levels of function, comfort, and ingenuity to the market, and doing so by Consciously Crafting every product. Whether it’s applying new responsive materials that adapt to the environment or weaving in bio-tracking so garments look sleek while monitoring performance, we’re excited by the challenge of what’s new and ready to work with you to define it.

Nick Tidball
Co-founder, Vollebak
“LTP help us create the future of clothing. When creating the future you have to work with collaborative future facing partners. That is 100% what LTP are for us”

Lina Kandrotiene

Group Key Account Manager

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the top of a mountain. How does it feel, to have come this long way? Happiness, excitement, tiredness? Sometimes I feel all of this in my work. I’ve been working in LTP for many years and I’m happy that I have the possibility to grow and learn professionally. Now I’m happy to be a part of the Outdoor team where I can customize the experience.