Public Seating & Textile Solutions

At LTP Furniture we embrace a challenge and thrive on the entrepreneurial spirit. We exist to support you in the development of your out of the box design. Our specialty is textile related production—this means that our R&D and production have the machinery, digital expertise, and craft knowledge required to meet the demands of unique concepts. You can be sure if you partner with LTP Furniture your order lines will be Consciously Crafted, meaning we always adhere to our stated high standards in ethics, sustainability and transparency.

As a trusted partner, LTP Furniture has an established track record for delivering on-time, quality pieces in the public seating industry. We have produced for auditoriums, cinemas, transportation and more, and therefore know the demands on high-traffic public seating are tremendous. When the requirements go beyond durability and fit, LTP is ready with a Crib 5 certification—meaning we can produce fire-retardant products with CMHR molded foam. We have an agile supplier network to source only the highest quality materials for each light weight and durable component—from plastic shells to solid, bent and plywood, to cut or molded foam, and a vast supply of premium textiles.


Comfortable, durable, modern—LTP produces auditorium seating that will stand the test.  Our extensive range of fabrics and finishes bring your designs to life delivering your specific desired look and feel.


Contemporary or traditional, our range of fabrics, construction materials and finishes are flexible to accommodate any seating design for cinema and theater projects. We incorporate our knowledge of acoustics and textiles to manufacture pieces that don’t compromise the consumer auditory experience. Our use of block, cut and molded foam, and premium fabrics means your design will deliver optimal comfort.


Whether its trains, buses or other mass transport LTP is ready to partner for your large commuter projects. Our trusted, local supplier networks are equipped to supply us quickly to keep pace with tight lead times. Durability with light weight components is our forte, culminating in a product that can withstand high use.

Roberta Samuson

Global Project Manager

“With a background in Textile Engineering I am supporting many of our customers with Sales Development. I love to be challenged with new products and Supply Chain structures. Please come and visit us in Lithuania – I’m up for your next challenge!”