Bed & Sofa Covers

LTP is a specialist in the production of Bed & Sofa Covers with decades of experience. From our dedicated cover factory in Lithuania, we are well prepared to accommodate and scale with the changing trends of beds and sofas. We are streamlined for the manufacturing of mattress, sofa, headboard and bedframe covers, bringing to you true agile production with the possibility of made-to-order.

Our factory is equipped with ultramodern cutting and sewing machinery uniquely designed for large fabric roles. When combined with our technologies for assessing your design and fabric, we can decrease fabric waste while optimizing patterns and cuts.

Our production processes are designed to be LEAN and agile while producing quality products. We will ensure that your design and fabrics are compatible and can bear the challenges of daily life. We test each fabric for stretch and durability to ensure it meets the product’s needs and high-quality level. All our covers are STeP Oeko-Tex certified. Each product is finished off by our teams of sewers who apply their deep knowledge in the final crafting of your product: Seaming, Zippers, Velcro, Embroidery and more.

Sofa Covers

We specialize in highly precise manufacturing. We see it as our job to ensure your sofa cover fits like a glove and is also easily changed. We work with a wide range of fabrics and materials so your design and product assortment can live up to your highest aspirations.

Mattress Covers

Consumers aren’t always thinking about their mattress covers, but we are. All our mattress covers are STeP certified for the most concise production process. We work with all manner of innovative fabrics for the best mattress fit and to promote a restful night’s sleep. As an OEM manufacturer we take care in crafting all your products all the way down to the smallest details like seams and closures.

Bedframe & Headboard Covers

From our dedicated factory for cover production, we are equipped with ultramodern machinery and specialty software for large and efficient cuts. Whether you need a finished product with frame construction and foam, or a cut and sew operation, LTP is ready to partner with you for your specific production needs. As an OEM partner we take care of all the finishing details such as buttons, zippers, specialty and hidden seams or anything else your design requires.