LTP Garment is a signature producer of premium cycling kits that build on the great traditions of cycling while innovating for bold new designs and functionality. As a leader in performance cycling apparel, LTP is proud to partner with many of the world’s most revered, recognizable, and sustainable brands in every aspect of cycling wear.  

We specialize in catering to brands that are taking cycling apparel to the next-level, catering to those athletes and commuters alike in search for highly technical, functional, bold kit.  

For the optimization and enhancement of athletic ability, we employ specialized testing—collaborating with professional cyclists that put our garments to the test in the real world, in every whether condition, assessing performance in expected and unexpected.

With an expert product development team, we possess deep knowledge of the construction, materials and sewing technologies required for high-performance. We work with smart textiles which repel water, prevent bacteria penetration and growth, wick moisture, regulate body temperature and dynamically stretch to achieve a technical and modern fit.

Road Cycling

This isn’t your dad’s old kit. The sport of cycling is in a renaissance, highly technical performance apparel is being influenced by lifestyle and fashion alike. At LTP we take this into account when crafting apparel that enhances athletic performance on the road. We specialists in the production of bibs, jerseys, base layers, gilet, over-shoes and all other pieces that comprise your brand’s highly technical, premium quality kit.

Mountain Biking

The needs of off-road mountain biking are specific, yet diverse. At LTP we have a deep understanding of the cuts, construction, and materials required for a secure, yet more relaxed fit required for the unpredictability of mountain biking. Our ranges include shorts, tights, pants, shirts, jackets and more, each developed for your brand’s designs, sustainable requirements, and technical specifications.

Gravel Riding

Gravel riding is characterized by diverse and unexpected terrain, filling the space between road cycling and mountain biking and at LTP we understand that for such a widely varied sport versatility in apparel and technology application is key. From functional shorts and tops to jackets and fleeces for super chill rides, to bibs, tights, jerseys, and gilets for longer endurance fueled events, we ready to partner for your entire collection.


Manufacturing active apparel for the commuting cyclist means producing next level apparel that is part road cycling performance and part mountain biking comfort. It also means accounting for the influence active lifestyles and fashion brands have on activewear choices. At LTP from our extensive supplier network we source the most innovative fabrics and trims for your designs so commuters can benefit from moisture wicking, wind and waterproof, four-way stretch, and bacteria resistance, in addition to our expert garment development teams.


Quick drying fabrics, flexible, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic the requirements of a great tri suit are specific and varied. At LTP we seamlessly co-create with our brands to bring the newest, most innovative technologies to their collections—propelling athletes forward in premium tri suits with optimum fit, sleek appeal and continually perform at the highest levels.

Kasper Anker
Head of Sales & Production, Pas Normal Studios
“With LTP we always strive to co-create sustainable and technical garments. We affirm that LTP stands for quality and trust their capabilities of making a quality garment.”

Kristina Tumpiene

Group Key Account Manager, Active Sport & Cycling

The Fox told the Little Prince: “In order to establish ties we should get to know each other”. I believe that a genuine, open and dynamic relation is the most important key to successful long-term partnership. I have been working with customers for more than 8 years in LTP Sales dept. and I see how we can go further relaying on each other’s ideas. How we can grow with, maybe, impossible wishes and do incredible things in a consciously minded manner. I am learning something new every day and this makes me feel present and grounded. So I am curious what the next adventure will be.