Sofa & Soft Seating

As a manufacturing partner, LTP is the ideal turnkey partner for all your sofa & soft seating needs - both for office and residential furniture. We offer a full range of made-to-order configurable soft seatings. This includes comfortable yet durable sofas, lounges, poufs and ottomans. We carefully craft all products in-house using the finest materials and latest technologies. We bring your vision to life, with incredibly competitive lead times. All fabrics, materials and builds are thoroughly sourced and engineered to continuously ensure top quality.  

We work with an extensive list of suppliers to ensure we have the exact material you need. This includes wooden frames, molded and cut foam, metal parts, cushions, etc. You also have access to our 200+ in-stock fabrics for ultra-quick turnaround times. All LTP manufactured products and services are Consciously Crafted, meaning that we strongly adhere to our mission of high standards in ethics, sustainability and transparency.


LTP is the ideal turnkey partner for all your sofa needs –both for office and residential furniture. We specialize in comfortable, durable, modern style sofas that are precisely crafted to meet your specific requirements. From rounded and modular designs to high-back sofa with built-in acoustics – challenge us!

Sofas are built and developed in a 3D environment before prototyping in our in-house Innovation Center to decrease time-to-market. We are here to support you from idea to final upholstery and direct shipping to your customer with our transport management system.    



When it comes to furniture made for relaxing and lounging LTP is specially equipped to seamlessly co-create with you. From structured and modern to overstuffed and cosy our expert development team has decades of experience manufacturing premium quality furniture—monitoring every aspect down to the last detail. We are here to support you from idea to final upholstery with direct shipping to you or your customer from our fully owned global production facilities in the EU and Mexico.

Poufs & Ottomans

Count on LTP to bring life to your pouf and ottoman design. We specialize in a very wide selection of shapes, configurations, and styles – from traditional to more exotic or utilitarian pieces that stand out in any room or offer superior functionality. All poufs and ottomans are meticulously crafted out of high quality, durable materials such as cut or molded foam, polyurethane foam, plywood, bended wood.

Giedre Rutkauskiene

Sales Manager, Contract Furniture

”With a big team of Key Account Managers we are here to support your needs and ensure all your orders are handled professionally. Communication on our team is the key word to success - we would like you to be a part of that success!"