Upholstery Chairs

Whether your design is for the home, restaurant, or workspace LTP Furniture has your upholstered chair needs covered. We have decades of experience working with brands that demand a sharp focus on quality for complex products for both commercial and residential chairs. Our diverse product offerings and manufacturing solutions range from upholstered seats and backs, to assembled ready-to-ship chairs—all of which can be delivered directly to your assembly lines, distribution centers, or end customer.

For cut and sew operations, LTP Furniture has one of the most systemized, yet agile production setups in the market. We are made-to-order and handle all materials. We hold exceptionally high standards for all components that make up chair design—bases (metal, wood, and plastic), fill (block and cut foam), fabrics (thousands available)—and we will handle all contact for you with our more than 600 local suppliers.

We are able to support COM/COL orders and can manufacture large high-runners or down-to-one-piece.

Dining Chairs

Our product developers have strong experience in transforming forward-thinking chair designs into mass production lines. We upholster all our chairs by hand and have deep competencies in crafting top quality, durable dining chairs.

Office Chairs

As a production partner for some of the most iconic office chairs in the Scandinavian market, we firmly understand that functionality and comfort are essential for the chairs we spend most of our day in. Whether your ideal design requires hydraulics, cut foam, mesh, leather, or any number of other materials LTP can craft it for you.

Conference Chairs

Durable, light weight construction, and stackable are the hallmarks of functional conference chairs. From our extensive variety of locally sourced materials, we can produce just about any combination of upholstered backs, seats, and arms with an equally extensive assortment of base materials. All our chairs are meticulously crafted for optimum products.

Lounge Chairs

LTP specializes in the space where comfort, design, and quality meet in perfect balance. From ultra-cushioned, to architectural and shaped we hand craft your lounge chair designs to meet your specific requirements. Our production capabilities are flexible to meet the needs of commercial and residential markets and our capacity spans multiple continents.

Bar Stools

It can be on the smallest surfaces where upholstery quality comes through the most.  LTP minds and tests for every detail—including smoothed fabric and leather upholstered seats, wood and metal bases, construction, and finishing details.

Vygandas Venzlauskas

Technical & Development Manager

“Production of contract furniture is my life. My time is dedicated to implementing LEAN in our factories and finding smarter ways to industrialize made-to-order production and to ensure that we have the right team in the production. I’m here to take care of your furniture production – come visit us!”