Acoustic Panels & Dividers

LTP Furniture is an expert in working with acoustic screens, dividers and booths as well as each of the components needed to construct them. We offer a wide range of configurable acoustic solutions that are effective as either stand-alone or incorporated into furniture or soundproof booths. We proudly manufacture sound absorption products for both contract and residential furniture companies. All our production is complimented by our acoustic component certification included in ISO 9001.

Our teams of technologists and product developers are ready to help you realize your diverse acoustic furniture and screen designs. Our manufacturing processes are tuned for production speed, whilst remaining attentive to the finer details of acoustic products. Along the development and production process we’re here to support you in selecting the right combination and layering of materials for reduced noise and excellent acoustics. Decrease decibels, manage echoes, channel sound waves or create a soundproof space through a custom solution of cut and molded foams, solid and plywood, felt and textiles, or any other custom solution your design requires.


You don’t have to forgo aesthetics when designing your space for optimal acoustics. Vertical, horizontal or shaped, LTP is adept at the production of a diverse range of mounted upholstered acoustic panels. Our wall and ceiling panels excel at background noise reduction or sound proofing any space.

Screens & Dividers

Free standing, mounted or incorporated into furniture, at LTP we’re uniquely qualified to produce sound and noise absorbing products designed for the evolving needs of shared office spaces. The modern work force demands diverse solutions for creating isolation and sound privacy. Let us help you bring your functional furniture designs to life with custom solutions realizing the optimum blend of our furniture and acoustic capabilities.

Acoustic Booths

Privacy, concentration, or sleep—for any space requiring exceptional noise reduction we’re excited to offer you a turn-key production solution. Whether you seek upholstered components or a complete flat pack solution we can ship your products directly to you or your customer. We will manufacture your acoustic booths to meet your expectations for decreased decibels and high-quality product level. To maintain this standard, we source exceptional and innovative materials to build out your design.

Edita Malciauskiene

Head of Product Development

“With a PhD in Material Science (Textiles), I’m here to support our production and customers with my knowledge about upholstery furniture. Every day we are striving to optimize the production and make the impossible possible, when developing new products. We are ready for your next challenge”